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Sandžak Process / Proces Sandžak

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Rizah Gruda (1946), Guci, resident in Novi Pazar (Part I) Old Histories from old peope

Rizah Gruda (1946), Guci, resident in Novi Pazar (Part I) Old Histories from old peope -Histori të vjetra me njerëz të vjetër- Stare priče starih ljudi Rizah Gruda (1946) Guci, resident in More »

Plava dhe Gucia 1912

Plav-Gusinje massacres (1912-13)

The Plav-Gusinje massacres of 1912-13 occurred between late 1912 and March 1913 in the areas of the modern Plav and Gusinje municipalities and adjacent areas. More than 1,800 locals, mostly Muslim Albanians, More »

The center of Gruemirë, Albania with shops and coffee bars

Gruemiri (altenatively, Gruemira) is a small historical Albanian tribe (fis) in the former municipality of Gruemirë in the region of Malësia.

Gruemiri (altenatively, Gruemira) is a small historical Albanian tribe (fis) in the former municipality of Gruemirë in the region of Malësia. Historical and linguistic understanding about the patronym and toponym Gruemiri/Gruemirë increased as new, published archival records have become available. Traditionally, More »

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Sanjak of Novi Pazar


The Sanjak of Novi Pazar (Bosnian and Serbian: Novopazarski sandžak/Новопазарски санџак; Turkish: Yeni Pazar sancağı) was anOttoman sanjak (second-level administrative unit) that existed at times from 1864 until the Balkan Wars of 1912–13 in the territory of present-day Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo. Today, the region is known as Raška and Sandžak.