Isuf B. Bajrami “No other nation has been so ruthlessly trampled by neighboring countries” – Byron One of the issues that has not been talked about and is not being talked about More »

Sandžak Process / Proces Sandžak

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Rizah Gruda (1946), Guci, resident in Novi Pazar (Part I) Old Histories from old peope

Rizah Gruda (1946), Guci, resident in Novi Pazar (Part I) Old Histories from old peope -Histori të vjetra me njerëz të vjetër- Stare priče starih ljudi Rizah Gruda (1946) Guci, resident in More »

Plava dhe Gucia 1912

Plav-Gusinje massacres (1912-13)

The Plav-Gusinje massacres of 1912-13 occurred between late 1912 and March 1913 in the areas of the modern Plav and Gusinje municipalities and adjacent areas. More than 1,800 locals, mostly Muslim Albanians, More »

The center of Gruemirë, Albania with shops and coffee bars

Gruemiri (altenatively, Gruemira) is a small historical Albanian tribe (fis) in the former municipality of Gruemirë in the region of Malësia.

Gruemiri (altenatively, Gruemira) is a small historical Albanian tribe (fis) in the former municipality of Gruemirë in the region of Malësia. Historical and linguistic understanding about the patronym and toponym Gruemiri/Gruemirë increased as new, published archival records have become available. Traditionally, More »

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The First Film Footage of Albanians, Albanians in Novi Pazar | 1904


The following film footage, dating from 1904, is probably the first ever to show Albanians. It is part of a longer documentary film made by the British political figure Arnold Muir Wilson (1857-1909) from Sheffield in Yorkshire, and the early British cinema director Frank Mottershaw (1850-1932), also from Sheffield.

The Albanian language


Geographical location

The Albanian language (shqip) is spoken by over six million people in the southwestern Balkans, primarily in the Republic of Albania and in the neighbouring countries which once formed part of the Yugoslav federation (Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia).