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Sanjak of Novi Pazar


The Sanjak of Novi Pazar (Bosnian and Serbian: Novopazarski sandžak/Новопазарски санџак; Turkish: Yeni Pazar sancağı) was anOttoman sanjak (second-level administrative unit) that existed at times from 1864 until the Balkan Wars of 1912–13 in the territory of present-day Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo. Today, the region is known as Raška and Sandžak.

The First Film Footage of Albanians, Albanians in Novi Pazar | 1904


The following film footage, dating from 1904, is probably the first ever to show Albanians. It is part of a longer documentary film made by the British political figure Arnold Muir Wilson (1857-1909) from Sheffield in Yorkshire, and the early British cinema director Frank Mottershaw (1850-1932), also from Sheffield.

The Albanian language


Geographical location

The Albanian language (shqip) is spoken by over six million people in the southwestern Balkans, primarily in the Republic of Albania and in the neighbouring countries which once formed part of the Yugoslav federation (Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia).