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Albanian Toponyms in Sandzak and Bosnia(Opinion)

When talking or debating with a Serb, the first thing he says for Sandzak, is that this place is called Raska and not Sandzak.  Serbs say that the word  Sandzak derives from Turkish. Right. “Sandzak” is a Turkish word, as well as 8742 other Turkish words that are adopted by Serbian language, such as: Sat, soap, pare (money), rakija, delija, çekiç (hammer), makaze (snips), jorgan (quilt), jastuk (cushion), hajduk etc. “Sandzak”  in Turkish means flag or banner high (alb: bajrak).


Harry Bajraktar

“Besim Malota, with some of his friends, was in an association here […] they invited them to come to America. When they came here to America they stayed in New York for a few weeks, they went to Detroit and talked to people, where twelve bloods were reconciled, conflicts, wounds, and this is how they healed the nation.

It was a, a great pride for our nation, for our people, for our nation, to go and wait forKrushqit e Pajtimit te Gjaqeve, and they came, stayed, their message was like, “For the sake of Kosovo, we have to do everything we can to reconcile the bloods, we should unite together for change, to gain freedom, for the people to be free.” And this turned out the way they thought it at that time, it was not only the blood feuds reconciliation, but reconciling bloods and bringing people together in order to help the people in Kosovo.”