Creating an opinion on the division of Kosovo’s territory, is an ugly thing!

Creating an opinion on the division of Kosovo’s territory, by President Hashim Thaci, is an ugly thing, but he has highlighted one true thing that he has less a share or a portion in creation of Kosovo’s statehood, even though he has made the pit in his chest by saying “I”.


Written by: Fadil Kajtazi

This will remain only an attempt to diversify against Kosovo’s statehood, because the things that someone builds with sacrifice does not take the initiative so much to donate to another party.

All this activity of the president goes to the benefit of the enemy of Kosovo, Vucic, who needs to recover his figure in front of the international community to create a figure from the devil into the angel, and to manage the crisis in Serbia which is near to explosion.

The thing about this disaster is Thaci President! Thaci mayor of PDK would cause the most dangerous diversion to Kosovo. Now that PDK is not controlled and not affected by Thaci, it will be a ban on the subversive activities of the President.

But the sweetest thing will be the reaction of those who helped Kosovo become a state. Their silence is aimed at consuming Thaci’s personality to increase their greatness in the next act.

Kosovo is an independent state known with borders internationally recognized.