Mustafa: We will not give up from unification with Kosovo


President  of the Albanian Democratic Party (PDSh) Ragmi Mustafa expressed optimism that the demand for Albanians in the Presheva Valley for joining Kosovo will become part of the next meeting within the Brussels Dialogue.

Regardless of the reactions of the great powers, he has called the Valley Albanians’ demand to be feasible.

In this interview for the “Epoka e re” newspaper, Mustafa said that joining the Presheva Valley with Kosovo will in no way have domino effect in other countries in the Western Balkans.

In this context, he emphasized that if the two neighboring countries reach a peace agreement, no border correction can be objected, and therefore either the unification of the Presheva Valley with Kosovo.

According to Mustafa, the Presheva Valley will never give up the demand for being an integral part of the Republic of Kosovo.