Thaci: No division and no Republika Srpska in Kosovo


As a result of normalisation talks between Serbia and Kosovo, there will be no division of Kosovo or the formation of a Bosnian style Republika Srpska entity in Kosovo, said the Kosovo President on Saturday while residing in Paris,Thaci: No division and no Republika Srpska in Kosovo”

“There will be no division, or any associations with executive powers, which means no creation of a Republika Srpska in Kosovo,” said Hashim Thaci in Paris, where he came at the invitation of French President Emanuel Macron. He participated in the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.


Thaci: No division and no Republika Srpska in Kosovo

Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two semi-autonomous entities: the Bosnian-Croat dominated Federation of Boania and Herzefobina (FBiH) and the Serb Dominated Republika Srpska (RS). There is also the District of Brcko in the north which is not dominated by any of the three dominant peoples.

During a press conference, he said Kosovo was honoured that its president was invited to this event, saying that it is yet another confirmation, respect and support for Kosovo’s statehood.

He noted that Kosovo has three goals it wants to achieve in negotiations with Serbia. Those are mutual recognition, change of the UN’s 1244 Resolution and its membership into the UN.

Without mutual recognition, there cannot be any normalisation of relations, he added.